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High Quality, Temperature Resistant Grill Covers

About Chill The Grill

Chill The Grill is a heavy duty, heat, UV and weather resistant grill cover made from a heavy weight, silicone coated fabric. 


As seen in the video above, Chill the Grill is made of a heavy duty, high-temperature resistant material that will outlast standard grill covers, and allow users to put the cover back onto your grill while the grill is still hot. 



- Temperature resistant from 100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing users to put the cover on while the grill is still hot

- UV Resistant, will not fade or deteriorate from the sun's UV rays

- Waterproof, easily clean with a garden hose or light pressure wash

- Fits most double-wing, 4-burner grills

- Dimensions: 43" H x 52" W x 26" D

- 3 year warranty


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